Learn how to save money on just about EVERYTHING!

 Most people pay too much money for things but never realise it, so they are always behind. They are always in debt and continually playing catch-up. It is a pretty horrible time-deprived way to live.

woman worring about bills

It doesn't have to be that way

It's true! We can teach you how to. All you need to do is learn how to become a smarter consumer - then you will start accumulating cash. It is easy to do - much easier than you imagined. The tricks are simple. The techniques are basic - things that our 115,000 readers use every day.

Simple Savings is the most comprehensive money saving site you will come across. We can show you how to save money on groceries, gifts, cleaning, holidays, cars and phone bills. You name it, we have got it! This site has been operating and growing for nine years, so the depth and breadth of the tips is huge. 

The sooner you start, the sooner you win

Life is a game and there are winners and losers. If you learn how to get in control of your spending, you are a step ahead of your neighbours. If your neighbours are living off $60,000 a year and you are living off $30,000, you will be $30,000 ahead of them each year! By reducing your bills, you will be able to achieve more and accomplish more because your living expenses will be lower.

The only reasons why my husband Matt and I were able to set up this site is because we happily lived off next to nothing for a long time. Matt and I are skilled IT workers; we turned away big wages because we were very happy doing what we are doing, which is only working a couple of days a week and spending very little. We only needed to earn $30,000 a year to live off. If our basic living expenses were $60,000 a year, we would have had to stop working on Simple Savings and 'get a real job'.

I'm not saying that we have won the game of life, far from it. There is still a very long way to go; I just wanted to show you how living off less money gave us the freedom to follow our dreams.

Here is just a brief sample of some of our happy members, who have successfully turned their lives around:
woman jumping in front of house

"It is fantastic. If it hadn't been for the suggestions and ideas from your website, we probably would have lost the house last year. But, instead we are thriving. I no longer live from pay cheque to pay cheque. It is a great relief and now I finally know what it is like to kick back and really breathe. I am on my way to being a Happy Hanna. I just can't gush enough. THANK YOU Simple Savings!!!" (Leah Pasnin)

woman with sleeping baby

"I am so proud of myself and want to thank you for teaching me some new ideas for saving money. Hopefully I will have saved enough in the next couple of months (and changed my habits sufficiently) for my partner and I to be able to afford to have our first child. Thank you!" (Jennifer Davies)

couple with money

"I just want to say a big 'thank you' for your very helpful site. I have been married for nine years, and despite my husband and I both working during that time, we have always seemed to struggle to make ends meet. Now, with a toddler and a baby, and one income, things are tighter than ever. Your hints and ideas have opened my eyes to see all the areas we were wasting money and have shown us ways to save. We are now saving for that once elusive house. I cannot sing your praises enough, you are doing a fantastic job. Really, saving is so simple once you know how!" (Debbie Mills)

credit card snip

"I just wanted to give you all a huge thank you for helping me become so much smarter with my money. Thanks to your site my husband and I have paid off our credit card, paid off most of our car, are well on the way to owning our first home, and - I think most importantly - we know that if we had to do it tough for some reason, we could not only survive, but be happy and get ahead." (Harmony Steel)

couple on holidays

"I have found Simple Savings a godsend. I have changed my shopping habits completely. I spent $108.09 back in August (when I discovered Simple Savings) on bulk goods, laundry powder, vinegar, sugar soap, wash up detergent, liquid hand wash, shampoo and conditioner and a crystal deo stick and I have not had to spend another cent on these items since (now December). I have also shopped around for car insurance and saved $130/year by searching the net. I have also changed my internet and phone providers and am saving myself up to $90/month. We have just had a weeks holiday with the savings we have made. Thank you, what a great service!" (Lucy Bennett)

eskimo taking photo

"Love your site, so interesting and so much to read and try. I will have to live forever! I have always wanted to travel to Antarctica on holiday and have saved hard and will now be fulfilling my dream and am off for 25 days on 8th December - I've never been an extravagant person and spend most of my year making toys and dolls for charity shops, and beds for animal welfare, so I deserve it! Have a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year; think of me on top of a glacier with my bargain bucket thermal underwear, thick socks, and wellies - you have taught us all well, keep up the good work." (Marlene Harris)

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"Join our site and change your life."

It may seem like a mighty big claim but it really is possible. Not only is it possible - it's easy! We receive pages of emails every month from grateful members to prove it. All you need to do to start changing your life for the better TODAY, is make a choice:

How does it all work?

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  • Your own personal "War on Debt" calendar. This is a groundbreaking calendar that will help you to save money 365 days of the year by identifying your weaker spending areas and enabling you to hang on to more of your money. This calendar is unique to Simple Savings - you won't find another like it anywhere!
  • Our own easy-to-use Bill Payment System. As used and developed by the Simple Savings team! This system will help you to easily organise your monthly expenses and ensure you never get charged for late bill payments again!
  • Free printables to make your life easier. We have a fantastic range of colourful printable resources for you to print off at your convenience. Whether you need to plan your family's meals for the week or come up with a special gift for the grandparents, you'll find the answer here!
  • Savings Diary. We help you keep track of your spending so you can record your progress and reach your goals.
  • Save-O-Meter. Calculate how much money you can save by changing a few simple habits.

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As you can see, we have a lot to offer our free members - but the people who save the most money are Savings Vault members.

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  • Access to the Savings Vault. Your first visit to the Vault will blow you away. It is a staggering source of information, containing thousands of tips that will save you money and new tips are constantly being added. Finding what you want in the Vault is easy, thanks to our impressive facilities. Most Vault members learn enough to recoup their $23 joining fee in the first week alone - or even the first visit! To give you an idea of some of the countless ways you can save money with your Vault membership, click here for a sneaky peek!
  • Access to our Savings Forum. The Forum is another fantastic resource where you will learn to save masses of money, while also receiving plenty of support, inspiration (not to mention a lot of laughs!) from likeminded people. We must warn you though - the Forum is addictive; once you visit, you won't want to leave!
  • Full access to Penny's Blog. Penny is a Simple Savings member who wants to save money, just like you! Since 2005 she has been sharing her money saving journey and tips in her hilarious blog, which is updated twice a week - but only Vault members get to read the latest!
  • More printable downloads. Our 'Downloads' area contains some more fantastic money savers, which are exclusive to paid members only. Some of these include a Power Expense Calculator, to help you and your family keep bills down, a stylish new Menu Planner and Shopping List and even an e-book, The $21 Challenge Survival guide, which will tell you all you need to know to feed your family on just that - $21 a week!

PLUS - we have a 365 day 'no questions asked' money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose - and everything to gain!

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If you are interested in our story, how this site evolved and what we do, join our free newsletter below. The first copy will help you catch up to the other members. It is a private list and will never be sold or given away for any reason. All members mean far too much to me to risk losing by doing anything like that.

Bear in mind too, that if you don't like us or change your mind or whatever, you can unsubscribe with the click of a link. What do you have to lose?

Photo of Kim May"I cannot believe the different ways your newsletter helps me to save money.

"I can really tell that you care and that this newsletter is not a business for you, but a helping hand to us out here that need it. Thank you for all your help." (Kim May)


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If you are spending more money than you are earning, it is going to blow up in your face.

It may not catch up with you today, but it will eventually catch up with you. It is only a matter of time. You may be 'lucky' and only lose your house and car before you turn things around - or you could lose your family or end up childless. Money problems are the...

No.1 reason for divorce

couple arguing over money

Don't let it happen to you

It is a sad fact that many adults have resigned themselves to having to work full time to make ends meet, but that is just silly! You don't have to do it!

There is a better way. An easier way!

You could enjoy a three-day weekend every weekend if you learn how to be a clever consumer. Yes, that is right.

A three-day weekend every weekend!

That might seem like another mighty big claim. How is it possible? It is. My husband and I have four-day weekends almost every weekend. Think about it. It makes sense. If you are part of a couple and you only need one income to live off - let's say $40,000, you could actually drop back your full time jobs to permanent part time ones earning $20,000 each. Your total household income is $40,000 and you can enjoy a long weekend every weekend. Joining the Savings Vault will help you lower your bills to $5,000 a year. I guess you could say becoming a Vault member is a very cheap shortcut to semi-retirement!

Not everyone wants a long weekend every weekend. Others prefer to save it up, and enjoy an extra week off work, the way Beth Pastore did:

"I live with my husband and four year old twin boys in a unit, and we discovered Simple Savings at a time that was very difficult in the life of our family. I wanted to share a bit of our journey that led to saving money and an improvement to our quality of life. When I discovered Simple Savings, my husband was a self employed contractor who was between jobs, and our income became more limited as I worked part time. We have many fixed expenses, including a large mortgage, and pre-school fees.

Photo of Pastore Family

"We were feeling very stressed emotionally as well, and finding daily living difficult to manage. I pored over the Savings Vault and found a wealth of information to assist us in reducing our expenses. As we were feeling quite vulnerable and finding change a struggle, we picked one tip a week to research or implement, starting with the simplest first, so we could experience enough success to motivate us to continue.

"The first week, my husband put his razor in a small glass of olive oil (to prevent rust and make the blade last longer). The next, we replaced our fabric softener with 1/4 cup of vinegar and put vinegar in a pump spray pack to clean our benches. We also started using vinegar to clean our floors. As we 'succeeded' we began to feel better about life, as we were exercising control over our situation, and it felt creative.

Photo of Beth's son Photo of Beth's son

"This week I have taken my first week of unpaid leave from work to be with my cherubs during the school holidays, and it is such a priceless and precious gift. I really appreciate the invaluable life tools that I have gained from your website, and value sharing this way of life with my children. I encourage the financially overwhelmed to add one tip a week to your life - they all add up to big change!" (Beth Pastore)

The way it works is...

$700 saved = five days off work

If it takes you one week to earn $700 after the tax man and everyone else has taken their chunk and, you manage to cut your phone bill by $700, then that is equal to one week you won't have to work.

If you earn $15 per hour after everyone has taken their slice:

$15 saved = one hour off work

This means, if you can manage to save $15 at the supermarket, that is one hour you don't have to work. It gets even better! If you only needed an extra five minutes to save $15, you are already 55 minutes ahead.

Shopping smart is a great way to find extra time

If it takes ten hours a year to reduce your grocery bill by $1500 - which is surprisingly easy to do - it is the equivalent of being paid $150 per hour. Saving money can be very profitable.

  • If you lower your annual phone bill by $350. (Easy to achieve.) That is half a week off work.
  • If you learn to spend $50 per child at Christmas instead of $200, that's probably an entire week your husband can spend with your children.
  • If you save $1500 buying a car - basic beginners stuff - that's another two weeks off work.
  • Saving $150 on accommodation means you can stay on holidays for an extra day.
  • If you save $5000 setting up a nursery that is eight extra weeks you can spend with your child instead of going back to work.

Working is hard

Showing up at an office five days a week to make money for someone else is hard.

Saving money is super easy!

The best part is, the more you save, the more you keep. Unlike at the office, where the more you work, the more you get taxed.

How can we help you save money?

Here are three ways you can help yourself:

1. Start by bookmarking this site. This way you will be able to find us again when you want us. (Nothing worse than wanting to come back but being unable to find us!) This one is easy - just press Control + D on your keyboard.

2. Join our free newsletter. This way, you get the good stuff emailed to you. There is a lot of information published in these which is not published on the site. We send one long newsletter per month (view sample) and one short one each week .

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3. Explore the Savings Vault. The Savings Vault is our paid members' area. It costs $23 per year and it is chock full of saving hints. Joining the Vault will give you more control. If you want to start learning how to lower your electricity bill you can go to that section of the Vault right away, rather than have to wait until we include a hint on electricity in the newsletter. To give you an idea of how many ways you can save money:

Follow this link to the Savings Vault preview page

"One of the best gifts you can give at Christmas time is a membership to Simple Savings. My stepmother bought me a membership last year and it was one of the most helpful, useful, entertaining gifts I have ever received. It has made my life so much more enriched, I have more money saved in my account than I have ever had and everything in general seems just that little bit easier in this fast paced world! I know that if I have a question or need help with something, guaranteed I can find it among the fantastic hints. Make up a folder (display folders can be purchased very cheaply in any supermarket or budget store). Print out some relevant helpful hints and 'Free Stuff' or 'Budget Planners' for your friend or family member, or get really creative and make up a personalised scrapbook. Include a membership for the year and I guarantee the recipient will be thanking you too for this very thoughtful gift." (Leah Greig)

The Savings Vault is Jam Packed with Useful Information

Join the Vault and we can show you how to slash your bills so you will have more money and won't end up a Sad Sally. Will the Vault really help you lower your bills? The answer is "YES"! Here are some examples:

Star cleaning

SAVE $400 on cleaning products. Learn what works, what doesn't, and how little you actually need. You'll be surprised!

Photo of Pam Floyd"I have been with Simple Savings for nearly a year now and, because of all the great money saving hints, I am now able to work only four days a week. I am in my late fifties and I am really enjoying cutting back on my working hours.

Three days off a week is fantastic and I could never have done this without all the hints I have been reading and putting into practice. I will always be a loyal member of 'Simple Savings'. Thanks to all that have put their hints into the Vault and thanks Fiona!" (Pam Floyd)

Star with baby

SAVE $6,000 on baby products. Many of the 'must have' essential baby items are nonsense. All they do is put extra financial strain on young families.

"Since subscribing, I have been addicted to your site. The most useful hints so far have been the baby wipes recipe and using zinc cream instead of Johnson's nappy rash cream. I have been addicted to the computer ever since!!!" (Anne-maree Cooper)

Star carrying grocery bags

SAVE $1,200 on your grocery bill. It is easy to cut your grocery bill by $100 per month. That is a total of $1,200 per year. Make your own cheaper and inexpensive home-made recipes so you can save more money.

Photo of Sharon and family "Many thanks from a mum of five, who stays at home quite comfortably, not in the least deprived, due to your great site!" (Sharon Miller)

Star with presents

SAVE $600 buying gifts. We have hundreds of great gift ideas for under $5, $10 and $20. The ideas are clever and very cheap. Perfect for all year round gift occasions or for a fantastic frugal Christmas.

Photo of Debbie"After working out our budget I knew we had to reduce our grocery expenditure but had no idea how. Simple Savings has helped me to save $30 a week - and often more." (Debbie Eustace)
NOTE: Debbie is now a Simple Savings spokeswoman. This is a paid role and she does a great job.

Star driving car

SAVE $5,000 on your next car. The less you spend, the sooner it is yours.

"I've just bought a new car and saved $5000.

A couple of years ago I had decided that I would put away 10% of my pay each fortnight into a separate account for a new car. I reasoned that 'what you don't see, you don't miss', and saved almost effortlessly. Any extra left in my account at the end of the fortnight also went to this account. As it's a ING Savings Maximiser account, the interest started becoming quite significant!

"After deciding on the car I wanted, I sold the old one privately, getting $3500 more for it than I would have for trading it in. I also increased my bargaining power by not having a trade-in.

"I then hit the phones. I started at the dealerships in my state (NSW) furthest from me, asking for their best price, no finance, no trade-in. By the time I called the local dealership (in Newcastle), I had the best price available in the state, and asked them to match that price, or I'd head to Sydney! After all, a train trip and $20 in petrol to return was peanuts compared to paying full price!

"Now, not only have I not had to borrow money I have also: reduced the amount I had to save by accumulating $1000 in interest from my ING savings, gained an extra $3500 by selling - rather than trading-in the old car, and saved myself $850 on the purchase price just by spending an hour making a dozen phone calls!

"Instead of taking out a four year car loan I'd still be paying off, I've managed to buy my new car outright in two and a half years, finding almost $5000 (or a quarter of my car) without too much effort!" (Helen Fung)

Star with dog

SAVE $200 on pet supplies. Pets do not have to cost a fortune to feed or care for. There are ways you may never have thought of to save money on food, kitty litter or removing urine from the carpet.

"Thanks for a truly wonderful website. There are some 'triers' out there and some very clever ones like yours! Thanks also for Priceless Pets. What a saving they offer!" (Lesley Lanyon)

Star robbing fees

SAVE $360 on bank fees. Learn how to get some of your fees back from the bank. It is possible!

Photo of Evelyn "I just want to say that I am glad I signed up and found out on the same day how to save $360 per year by detaching my cheque book from my bank account (detached now). The next day I found a credit card for 9.5 percent for my son who owes $5,000, so the saving on interest is great. At present he is paying 16.9 percent. I also found a bank account that is more suited for his needs. I am very happy, and I still have the Vault to go through for yet more savings." (Evelyn Morrisson)

Star throwing phone in bin

SAVE $400 per year on your phone bill. We will show you how to reduce it.

"I would just like to thank you for your suggestion about pension discounts from Telstra. We were under the impression that we were getting the pensioner discount, but on triple checking, we found we weren't, even though we were registered with our pension number, etc. This has been going on for a year, so I must stress to all pensioners to check and check again. If you can't see a discount on your account, you are not getting it. Pensioners are supposed to get both a rebate from Centrelink for the phone and a pensioners discount direct from Telstra. Apparently our discount will be back-dated from when we first supplied our pension number to Telstra. Thanks again. Without your Savings Vault I don't know where we pensioners would be. It's a great site worth much more than youcharge." (Roxana Vinson)

One of the questions I'm asked is: "There is so much free stuff online. Why should I pay you to access the site?"

You are right - there is a lot of free stuff around and I think this question is best answered by Emma Foster:

"I just wanted to let you know that your site is amazing. My partner and I have a ten-month old son and have been living with my family since his birth because we hadn't financially prepared ourselves for the loss of my income while I was on maternity leave. For the last ten months I have been searching the Internet for money saving ideas and cheap recipes to prepare us for when we move back out on our own. I put off purchasing a Simple Savings membership, despite its high recommendations, thinking it would just have all the same ideas as all the other sites I visited for free. I gave in a week ago and purchased a subscription and have been pleasantly surprised! I have learnt more from the tips submitted to your Vault then I have learnt from all of those sites put together. It is well worth the money. We are moving out in six weeks to start our life as a family and I feel completely confident that we will be financially stable despite me cutting back to part time work to be at home with our son. Thank you for everything." (Emma Foster)

The reason that the Vault is such a fantastic resource and better than anything else on the Net is every hint in the Vault is vetted, categorised and edited by professionals, making them easy and enjoyable to read. We pay staff (actual humans, not robots) to filter out all the garbage. Occasionally we make the odd mistake and let a bad one through, but they are removed quick smart.

This makes the Vault a really enjoyable place to hang out and learn how to lower your bills. Think of it this way; when you look at how many ways you are currently wasting money, $23 is next to nothing. But, if you do buy a membership and find it is not for you then we have a


If you do not feel you are getting good value or you are not happy with the Savings Vault for any reason, you can have your money back. We are still growing. We add around 100 hints to the Savings Vault every week. So we are giving you a 365 day guarantee. So if we are not covering your area completely, or you don't like me, or we haven't answered your questions or for any other reason, you can have your money back. No questions asked. Right up to the final day of this 365 day guarantee!

What will happen if you don't buy a Vault membership?

Not much really. Hopefully, you will at least sign up to our free newsletters. But we can only help you if you want to be helped. There is an old saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."


If you haven't already joined our free newsletter, quick - do it now!

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This way you get the good stuff emailed to you. There is a lot of information published in those which isn't published on the site.


The Vault may not be for you today. It may not be for you next week, but please bookmark this site and store us in the back of your mind in case you, your family or your friends need help at some point in the future. The logic behind building the Vault is making sure help is there when people are ready for it. We have spent thousands of hours making the Vault a brilliant place for you to learn.

If you still need more proof, see what the press has to say about us!

If our site was a lemon, the press would fry us, but on the contrary:

In 2005 we won the Netguide People's Choice Award. Netguide is the premium Internet magazine in Australia and NZ, so it is a pretty major award. We even beat the likes of eBay!

We have nothing to hide. We truly are here to help people. To put our money where our mouth is, we allow members of the press to access the Vault for free.

Vault access for press members

If you have an official 'media' email address. Such as fredsmith@bbc.co.uk or fsmith@news.com.au, send us an email and we will give you free access to the Vault. This is not restricted to journalists alone - why should they get all the spoils? You can be the receptionist, IT manager, PA or even the cleaner, as long as you have an official email address (yes, we do check).

If you would like to have a look around the Vault, please contact us.

The savings add up

Let's say you try a Vault membership and you learn how to lower five basic bills. For example, you manage to shave:

  • $30 per week off groceries
  • $5 per week off rent
  • $10 per week off cigarettes
  • $25 per week off lunches
  • $10 per week off coffee


In the first week you would save $80

In the first year you would save $4,160

Compared to what you could save by joining, the $23 Vault fee is almost free! Can you think of a better investment? You only need to use five of the 8,000+ hints to get your money back in the first week.


If you delay, you will continue to lose money each week

Instead of going forwards and saving $80 each week, you will be going backwards. Every week that you delay your decision is like flushing $80 down the toilet, so it is a wise decision to buy a Savings Vault membership NOW - even if you have to do it on credit. If the statement comes and you don't have the money to pay for it, or you haven't enjoyed the Savings Vault, ask us for a refund. We won't mind and you will have lost nothing.

Simple Savings is a labour of love

All our staff are here to help you get ahead. We don't mind if you ask for a refund. It is OK. We are here to help you keep your money. So what are you waiting for?

Go to our secure order page. Give it a go. Remember, I take all the risk. As Debbie Eustace says:

"There is nothing more satisfying than watching your savings grow."

I hope you have a great day!

Many grins,
Fiona Lippey
Miser Extraordinaire
and founder of Simple Savings

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