Eating Out


  • 'Eat out' with friends and save
  • 'Takeaway' fish & chips at home
  • 'We were going to' box stops needless spending
  • 'Work lunch cafe' earns a whole week of food
  • 24 'Macca's' meals for under $30!
  • 30 minutes a day saves $1430 a year!
  • A reformed shopaholic speaks
  • A social way to save money
  • A sporting approach to saving money
  • A typical couple's saving story
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder
  • Are evil muffins controlling your cash?
  • Balloons make great bricks
  • Best ever sandwich wrap
  • Breakfast catch-ups better than costly dinners
  • Breakfast dining cheaper than dinner
  • Bring out the Simple Saver in your kids
  • BYO hot dogs saves on eating out
  • BYO sauce squeezes $14 fish 'n' chips saving
  • Celebrate and save on dessert
...and 117 more!

Good Value

  • Buy hot chips from fish and chip shop
  • Cheaper takeaway at end of day
  • Cheaper takeaway at lunchtime
  • Dine out smoke-free for less
  • Eat takeaway and salads at home with kids
  • Fun birthday outing saves on pricey gifts
  • Go to uni for cheap drinks and food
  • Have coffee with friends for half the price
  • Ice cream scoop makes dessert a piece of cake
  • Muffin Break Club freebies
  • Start early with smart saving strategies
  • Takeaway noodles a bargain from Woolworths
  • Vietnamese restaurant
  • Would you like savings with that?

Membership Cards

  • Muffin Break Club freebies


  • Collect your pizza order at lunchtime
  • Extra pizza discounts
  • Freeze takeaway pizzas on special
  • Get a Domino's discount with some cheeky online help!
  • Saving $1040 on takeaway is a pizza cake