• $20 date ideas
  • $20 or less picnic
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder
  • Back yard romance
  • Candelight, wine and a picnic at dusk
  • Chicken and chips for a wonderful time
  • Daytime first date
  • Effort is better than expensive dates
  • Enjoy a movie and make it fun
  • First date questionnaire fun
  • Free dating site
  • Hiking with nature
  • Indian cooking and field excursion
  • Keep the love alive
  • Keeping the romance alive for less
  • Loungeroom picnic
  • Love doesn't have to cost much
  • Monthly date night easy on budget
  • Morning and afternoon date alternative
  • Outdoor movie in the park
...and 13 more!


  • Banquet at home
  • Beat the crowds with a family Show day
  • Check the website before you go
  • Discounted expo goodies in last half hour
  • Don't put off what you can save today
  • Group booking savings
  • Indulge your love of the arts for less
  • Keeping kids safe at events
  • Make celebrating fun with a reward
  • Plan activities around pre-sale specials
  • Raise community funds while you save
  • School holidays don't have to cost a fortune
  • Take own supplies into venue
  • Treat little ones to affordable live shows
  • Volunteer and experience events for free
  • Win prizes at quiz nights


  • $3 girls night out
  • 'Freebie hunt' makes outings fun
  • A social way to save money
  • Background noise on a budget!
  • Bring books alive in your home
  • Drive down costs at the drive-in
  • Drive yourself wine sampling tour
  • Embrace the GFC!
  • Enjoy the sunset
  • Free audio stories
  • Free entertainment for the family
  • Free entertainment from radio competitions
  • Free help for video gamers
  • Free movies in the park in Auckland
  • Free podcast entertainment with iTunes
  • Free trading site
  • Free TV programme listings online
  • Free/cheap online game downloads
  • Friends who pamper together, save together!
  • Get TV guide for free on Yahoo
...and 20 more!

Happy Hour

  • A charming way to serve drinks at parties
  • Save on drinks when socialising


  • Don't join book/music clubs
  • Entertainment Book between friends saves hundreds
  • Free coffee and meals for your birthday!


  • '2 for 1' movies with Sky City & Telecom
  • 'We were going to' box stops needless spending
  • Big screen fun
  • Buy discount book of cinema tickets
  • Buy movie tickets in bulk and save
  • Cheap ex-rental DVDs
  • Check movie suitability before buying or hiring
  • Discount movie tickets from local schools
  • Drive down costs at the drive-in
  • Embrace the GFC!
  • Enjoy a movie experience at home for $10
  • Family movie night saves $87 at the cinema
  • Fix scratched DVD's and CD's
  • Forget DVD's, dust off your videos!
  • Form a kids' flick club
  • Free holiday DVDs with Video Ezy Kids Card
  • Free movies in the park in Auckland
  • Inexpensive family movie night
  • Laptop doubles as portable DVD player
  • Librarian secret DVD cleaner
...and 16 more!


  • Be a ' singalong superstar' from the comfort of your sofa!
  • Borrow CDs from library
  • Calling all music lovers
  • Cheap cable as good as $380 sound system
  • Cheap fix for scratched CDs
  • Cheaper solution to iTunes
  • Cleaning CDs and DVDs is childsplay!
  • Free foam apple trays stop noise for less
  • Grow your music collection for less
  • Learn a brass instrument for free
  • Make your own CD and DVD covers
  • Making music with old store cards
  • MP3 downloads for kids
  • Record podcasts for free with Audacity
  • Refresh old cassette tapes
  • Rub out CD scratches
  • Save $50 on iPod headphones
  • Taking a bite of the big Apple
  • Teach little fingers to play for less
  • Volunteer and experience events for free
...and 2 more!


  • A charming way to serve drinks at parties
  • Advanced preparation key to cheap celebration
  • After-dinner snacks save on sit-down meals
  • Ask guests for 'signature dishes'
  • Bite-size sweets and savouries
  • Boogie on down for free with Grooveshark
  • Bring a plate - and the food too!
  • Catering tenders can save on food
  • Celebrate at home and save
  • Celebrate in style on any budget
  • Celebrate with a tea party
  • Celebrate with nearest and dearest only
  • Cheaper way to make a photo cake
  • Combine parties
  • Dessert party makes cheap crowd pleaser
  • DIY character birthday parties
  • Free invitations online
  • Girls' night in
  • Halve the cost of catering with adults only
  • Home cooked catering from CWA
...and 12 more!

Picnics and BBQs

  • Best ever sandwich wrap
  • Crushed ice from milk cartons
  • Emergency entertaining pack
  • Keep valuables safe at the beach
  • Towel covers picnic tablecloth needs
  • Use a wine cask for ice bricks
  • Versatile uses for $2 shower curtains


  • Colouring in for therapy and journalling
  • Free audio and video classics online
  • Saving for retirement doesn't need to be joyless!
  • Volunteer and experience events for free


  • $30 amplifier saves $400 on new TV antenna
  • Avoid impulse buys by booking movies ahead
  • Big screen movies at home
  • Buy through eBay or Cash Convertors
  • Changing children's TV watching habits
  • Get your TV guide online
  • Hundreds of free documentaries online
  • More leisure, more savings, less stress
  • Record your own movies for weekend entertainment
  • Repair your own Nintendo DSI
  • Save $500 on digital TV changeover
  • Use long play function when recording
  • We don't miss TV