Computers and Office


  • $100 laptop bargain
  • $2 stickers the key to longer lasting keyboards
  • $50 laptop repair saves buying a replacement
  • A handy hint if you don't have MS Office
  • Address labels for postcards
  • Alwil free anti-virus software
  • Ask those 'in the know' and trust your instincts!
  • Back up your data online for free
  • Be careful when buying cheaper computers
  • Be sure before you enter the store
  • Blank homepage saves $30 on internet usage
  • Buy a used computer and save
  • Check out computer warehouse stores for a good deal
  • Clean keyboard saves money
  • Compare computer parts and electronics on PriceSpy
  • Comparing prices online
  • Complete the package with free computer software
  • Computer back from the dead!
  • Computer password used as savings reminder
  • Customer loyalty pays off
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  • Rewind ink refills on your fax for extra print


  • Creative home office desk
  • Creative study area saves hundreds
  • Custom-built desks for less
  • Extend the life of your office chair
  • From built-in wardrobe to handy office
  • Shred and save!
  • Try before you buy furniture prevents bad purchases
  • Update your office- and your home- for less!


  • $40 computer games cure online shopping addiction
  • 'Daggy' notebook keeps priceless passwords safe
  • Ask work to cover course costs
  • Beat identity thieves without a shredder
  • Cheap diary for busy women
  • Check price before renewing online
  • Comprehensive free software site
  • Convert PDF files for free online
  • Converted computer calendar makes a great diary
  • Create a personal cloud!
  • Delete spam from ISP's webmail system
  • Designer diary with a budget price tag
  • Designer savings
  • Dollar shops not cheapest for office supplies
  • Don't be a target! Pick the right time to buy
  • Don't throw away money on hotel Internet
  • ebooks and software free on Amazon
  • Educational fun for computer-savvy kids
  • Egg tray becomes a laptop stand
  • Find free software to suit your needs online
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Internet Service Providers

  • 'Telme' where the best phone/Internet plans are!
  • Ask what your broadband provider can do for you
  • Bundle up your savings with a smarter package
  • Check your ISP website for current rates
  • Don't use your mobile data - use your free WiFi!
  • Find out what your current provider will offer
  • Free Internet 24/7 for my laptop and me
  • Free internet access great for students
  • Get good deals when you disconnect
  • Get great ISP deals without changing your email
  • Get the most out of your broadband subscription
  • Give your bills the twice over
  • Great value phone and internet deal from Vodafone NZ
  • Introductory Internet offers save $
  • Mobile WiFi saves $23 a month
  • New provider, new opportunity!
  • Priceless iPhone package benefits all!
  • Ring broadband provider every few months for new deals
  • Save on your Internet costs
  • Save time online by copying and pasting text
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  • Avoid GST on parcels the smart way
  • Cardboard 'envelopes' for no-bend posting
  • Cheaper postage for overseas CDs/DVDs
  • Free address labels
  • Frugal, foolproof postage solution for Trade Me sellers!
  • Protect fragile parcels with home-made 'air packs'
  • Recycle brown paper bags for parcels
  • Send parcels by bus
  • Think outside the box with cheaper parcel packing

Printers and Ink

  • 'Thinner' fonts mean fatter savings!
  • 75% saving on ink with trial
  • An alternative to buying printer cartridges
  • Be wary about refilled ink cartridges
  • Beware refilling ink cartridges in expensive printers
  • Buy discounted photocopy paper during sales
  • Change font and cut ink use by 30%
  • Clean printer cartridge by soaking print head
  • Continue using 'apparently' empty printer cartridges
  • eBay bargains for ink cartridges
  • Extend printer warranty
  • Extra ink from Dick Smith's
  • Extra pages from ink cartridge
  • Extra printer helps save money
  • Get more pages out of your Laser printer
  • Gum tree oil fixes a gummed up printer!
  • Hundreds more pages from 'empty' cartridges
  • Ink Saver program really works
  • Keep printing before replacing
  • Maximise print area and reduce waste
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  • 160 envelopes for $4.00 from post-Christmas sales
  • Creating your own business cards
  • File info frugally with old school exercise books
  • Free envelopes save money and paper
  • Free message pad by the phone
  • Home-made filing tabs
  • Old school books make free notepads
  • Recycle reply paid envelopes
  • Recycle that unwanted office paper
  • Recyle computer paper in your printer
  • Refill pens with food colouring
  • Save over $100 a year with recycled paper
  • Valuable savings for home businesses