Alcohol and Cigarettes

  • $21 Challenge mulled wine recipe
  • 'Dry July' saves $10 a day
  • Avoid pre-mixed drinks
  • Blackmarket savings on top quality wines
  • Budget wine allowance
  • Cheap cocktail recipe for party season
  • Direct savings from the winery
  • Discounts on damaged cans of beer
  • Erin Cream is substitute for Baileys
  • Fruity home-made liqueur recipe is a winner
  • Great wine bargains on eBay
  • Home 'bar tab' limits drinking and spending
  • Home brewed gifts for under $2
  • Home-made Baileys
  • Make your own ginger beer
  • Making your own beer
  • Store leftover wine in ziplock bags
  • Switch beer brands and save $1,000


  • Use a 'trick trolley' for supermarket savings!

Asian Food

  • Agar cheaper from Asian stores
  • Asian supermarkets for seafood bargains
  • Cheap coconut milk
  • Super cheap noodles from Asian store
  • Sushi ingredients from Asian warehouse


  • Use a 'trick trolley' for supermarket savings!

Big W

  • Household goods cheaper at Big W than Woolworths


  • A very cool biscuit storage idea
  • Hide away goodies to be eaten at a later time
  • Home Brand Tim Tams


  • 12 tips for a minimal grocery bill!
  • Cheap toast
  • Choose wholegrain over white for long-term savings
  • Claim your rewards (before it's too late!)
  • Clever plastic bag sealer
  • Discount rolls in bulk
  • Frozen markdowns are bumper bargains
  • Pig out on super cheap bread
  • Pre-measure ingredients to save time
  • Reduce bread waste to crumbs
  • Save 10% on bread
  • Smaller loaves better value at Baker's Delight


  • Cereal lasts longer when measured
  • Cereal savings
  • Confessions of a cereal saver
  • Crazy breakfast cereal
  • Dust off your cereal and save!
  • Gourmet muesli already in the cupboard
  • Make your own oatmeal
  • Mix your own Sultana Bran
  • Woolworths' muesli starts the day with a smile!


  • Ambi Pur bottle refills
  • Use a 'trick trolley' for supermarket savings!


  • Bulk buy herbs for a fraction of the cost
  • Bulk roadside honey is cheap
  • Cheap coconut milk
  • Chicken salt cheaper in bulk
  • Decant your tomato sauce and save on wastage
  • DIY Nepalese spices
  • Do the maths when buying fresh herbs
  • Free gourmet oil straight from the jar
  • Give your honey a squeeze and save!
  • Half price honey, straight from the bee keeper
  • Home Brand hazelnut spread
  • Home Brand peanut butter
  • Home made vanilla sugar lasts for years
  • I can't believe it's not Nutella
  • Make your own seasonings
  • Prolong the life of 'candied' honey
  • Purchase whole seeds
  • Speedy pasta dishes for less
  • Substitute Nutella


  • Chocolates and vending machines
  • Cutting down on expensive ice creams
  • Fun sized chocolates last longer
  • Get your chocolate fix for less
  • Open a shop in your own home!
  • Reward kids with fruit and save on lollies
  • Start your own sweet shop
  • Super'marketing' at home
  • Unlimited 'lollies' for $50 a year


  • 'Crunchy' yoghurt doubles the savings
  • 3 laying hens for $15
  • Always have milk for your coffee
  • Ask your local buyer
  • Beat the rising cost of milk
  • Bring the butter to the bench!
  • Bulk cookings savings using discounted groceries
  • Cheap and easy garlic/herb butter
  • Cheap coconut milk
  • Cheap home-made alternatives to buttermilk
  • Cheap spread for bread
  • Cheaper alternative to evaporated milk
  • Cheaper lactose free milk with GP help
  • Cheaper yoghurt with a fruit 'twist'
  • Cheese saving tips for large families
  • Cheese tricks slice $30 off grocery bill
  • Cheesy creations keep money in your pocket
  • Cheesy grins for Home Brand prices!
  • Coffee whitener reduces milk expense
  • Cool yoghurt savings
...and 57 more!


  • 'Jarrah' style instant coffee mix
  • 18-can Coke packs just the tipple for rum lovers
  • A glass of water will save money on softdrink
  • Ask your local buyer
  • Boiled water saves on $15 filters
  • Buy coffee in bulk and freeze until you need it
  • Buy Coke in two litre bottles
  • Buy juice on sale
  • Cheaper energy drink with 'Hairy Lemon'
  • Check labels for freshness of juice
  • Delicious mixed juice stretcher
  • Dilute pineapple juice
  • Drinking stronger coffee can save me $4,000 a year!
  • Drinks all year for $1
  • Drinks fund at home for softdrink consumption
  • Fill smaller bottles with soft drink
  • Fizzy drinks once a week
  • Freeze lemon and orange juice
  • Freeze soft drink for refreshing treat
  • Fruity ice adds flavour
...and 32 more!

Fruit and Vegetables

  • $380 saved on fruit
  • 'Pick your own' produce directory
  • 12 tips for a minimal grocery bill!
  • A good move reducing our annual budget
  • Ask for discount for bulk produce
  • Bargain bananas bring a whole bunch of savings
  • Bean there, saved that
  • Better, cheaper fruit from local orchard
  • Boycott the shopping centres and change your life
  • Bulk buy tips
  • Bulk cookings savings using discounted groceries
  • Buy 'juicing carrots' and save!
  • Buy vegetable seconds in rural areas
  • Cafe helps food co-op save 50% on fruit and vegies
  • Cheap and easy way to grow sprouts
  • Cheaper produce at greengrocers
  • Choose small pieces of fruit
  • Chop chop! Don't waste money on pre-cut vegies
  • Co-op shopping with friends
  • Compost and free vegies
...and 49 more!

Fruit and Vegetables in Storage

  • Another use for orange bags
  • Ask around and borrow a dehydrator
  • Authentic sun dried tomatoes
  • Bag up your tomatoes for freezing
  • Bananas have a ripening effect
  • Bananas in closed plastic bag
  • Bananas in newspaper in fridge
  • Blanch beans and carrots
  • Breathe life into your broccoli and cure your cauliflowers!
  • Broccoli and brussel sprouts need air flow
  • Bulk home made chips are cheap as... chips!
  • Buying and storing olives in bulk
  • Calico bags keep salad greens fresh much longer!
  • Can't find a BluApple? Try KeepFresh!
  • Celery stalks in plastic bag
  • Chef's tip keeps avocado from turning brown
  • Choose greener pieces of fruit
  • Clever vegie storage stops wastage
  • Cold storage potatoes
  • Dip cauliflower pieces in boiling water
...and 82 more!


  • $120 a year saved on after-school snacks
  • $2 dinner nights
  • $21 Challenge style Lebanese feast
  • 'Fussy' shopper saves a fortune at the deli!
  • 'Low chemical' food savings for the family
  • 'Three bags full' saves me $100 per shop!
  • 1000 fresh eggs for $24!
  • 50% savings on 'lite' coconut milk
  • A cheaper choice of cheese 'n crackers,
  • A honey of an idea
  • A little docket saving goes a very long way!
  • A nice crisp saving
  • A plan for the pantry
  • A reward scheme mantra to remember
  • A savings success story
  • Airtight pantry storage from empty coffee tins
  • Amazing free Android app makes shopping a breeze
  • Avoid using bags at the supermarket
  • Bacon cheaper at the deli
  • Bag a ton of fresh produce for just $2!
...and 171 more!

Gluten-free products

  • Asian supermarket savings
  • Bin Inn for budget friendly gluten-free shopping
  • Book recommendation for gluten-free folk
  • Bulk buy gluten-free ingredients and share
  • Buy in bulk at Gilmours
  • Creative gluten-free cooking
  • Eight easy tips for going gluten-free
  • Get the right gluten-free advice
  • Gluten-free flour and pasta recipes plus tips
  • Gluten-free pancake recipe and budget tips
  • Gluten-free pantry savings
  • Going gluten-free great for the budget!
  • How to save big on gluten free products
  • Learning to live yeast-free
  • Make gluten-free flour
  • Make your own GF bread and save 50%
  • Making gluten-free flour
  • Save 2/3 of the price on wheat free crumbs
  • Tip for home-made gluten-free goodies
  • Variety with gluten free cooking
...and 1 more!


  • Deli salads cheaper by the gram
  • Goji berries for less than half price
  • Ground almond meal saves you going 'nuts' over costs!


  • $120 a year saved on after-school snacks
  • $21 Challenge saves $150 in a week
  • 'Attitude of gratitude' leads to savings all round
  • 'Biggest Loser' plan cuts grocery bill in half
  • 'Buy Ahead' box
  • 'Click and collect' saves on impulse buys AND delivery
  • 'Grandma's Day' saves $30 a week on groceries
  • 'Speed shopping' saves time and money
  • 'Three bags full' saves me $100 per shop!
  • 12 tips for a minimal grocery bill!
  • A fair trade saves a fair amount
  • A great money saving exercise
  • A honey of an idea
  • A little docket saving goes a very long way!
  • A little organisation can pay big dividends
  • A nice crisp saving
  • A plan for the pantry
  • A reward scheme mantra to remember
  • A sticky way to stop food waste
  • Agar cheaper from Asian stores
...and 239 more!


  • 6 months savings on leg ham
  • An idea shared is money saved
  • Ask butcher for discounts on bulk meat
  • Ask butcher to slice whole rump
  • Bacon cheaper at the deli
  • Beef lovers go halves in bulk meat
  • Beef trims from the butcher
  • Best meat prices at your fingertips
  • Blitz the cost of chicken mince
  • Boiled sausages have less fat
  • Boiling bacon cheaper option than ham
  • Bonus free eggs at Barrington Fresh Meats
  • Bring home the bacon
  • Bringing home the bacon savings
  • Budget-friendly meat and vegies online
  • Budgeting for meat in meals
  • Bulk buy and freeze for bacon lovers
  • Bulk buy tips
  • Bulk cookings savings using discounted groceries
  • Bulk meat from the country
...and 53 more!

Remote Areas

  • The great bulk buy-up


  • Asian supermarkets for seafood bargains
  • Bulk seafood bargains from wholesalers
  • Crumbs, what a saving on fish and chips!
  • Difference in tuna prices
  • Enjoy seafood for less
  • Enjoy seafood for less with home made marinara
  • The price of fish 
  • Zappy savings on oysters


  • 'Click and collect' saves on impulse buys AND delivery
  • Bag a bargain at Bin Inn
  • Beware of supermaket 'specials'
  • Checkout control helps me stay within budget!
  • Compare prices within supermarket
  • Deli salads cheaper by the gram
  • Ditch the trolley and save!
  • Great quality and great savings at Bin Inn
  • Mad Butcher saves me a fortune on meat
  • Markdowns on organic food
  • NZ web site gives supermarket specials
  • Organic bargains with regular shopping
  • Our supermarket blunders helped a third world family!
  • Panko crumbs cheaper from Asian stores
  • Play the supermarket game and win
  • Prepare shopping list online first
  • Say goodbye to impulse buys!
  • Shop smarter by comparing receipts
  • Supermarket 'map' saves $70 a week on impulse buys
  • Taking a closer look pays dividends
...and 2 more!


  • A bulk saving on handwash
  • A weighty tissue issue
  • Avon deodorant discounts
  • Bag a bulk bargain and save in the long run
  • Bulk toilet rolls not always good value
  • Buy half-used toilet rolls from hotels
  • Buy quality toilet paper on special
  • Buy toilet paper with 1,000 sheets a roll
  • Chart helps you stop flushing money away
  • Cheap alternative to costly maternity pads
  • Check out $2 shops for bathroom essentials
  • Chemical free home-made laundry liquid
  • Clever loo paper saver
  • Cupboard clean out reveals hidden stash
  • Cut the toothpaste tube in half
  • Denture cleaner
  • Double rolls of toilet paper
  • Generic tissues
  • Halving the cost of cotton balls
  • Helpful website for making cloth pads
...and 33 more!

Woolworths (Safeway)

  • Buy supermarket home-brands and save
  • Cheesy grins for Home Brand prices!
  • Great value home-brand tomatoes
  • Home Brand Tim Tams
  • Kit Kats
  • Long, thin spaghetti
  • Plastic cling wrap
  • Woolworths' Home Brand mint slices
  • Woolworths' muesli starts the day with a smile!
  • Woolworths' tasty and cheap soup mix