Jewellery and Accessories

  • $2 earring holder
  • $3 pack of watch batteries a timely saving
  • A belter of a handbag saving!
  • Annual sale at jewellers
  • Ask and you shall receive... a discount!
  • Ask for a better price, it's worth it!
  • Bag yourself a handy bargain!
  • Buy cheaper jewellery at jewellery wholesaler
  • Buy jewellery at Cash Converters
  • Buying jewellery direct rings in huge saving
  • Canvas art for earrings
  • Cheap jewellery can be worth its weight in gold
  • Check sizes of overseas 'bargains' before buying
  • Clean your jewellery like a pro
  • Clever tip for too-big hats
  • Colour coded pencil cases keep handbag organised
  • Cool fashion accessories - from duct tape!
  • Covering up for a rainy day
  • Create a unique enviro bag
  • Cubic zirconia (diamonds) are forever a saver
...and 54 more!

Larger Sizes

  • European designs for larger sizes
  • Maternity fashion for half the price
  • Maternity wear not just for mums
  • Smart tips for maternity undies


  • 'Boob tubes' cheaper than belly bands
  • Anti-static spray
  • Be flexible with bra colour and save
  • Body lotion will stop your skirt from sticking
  • Bra extender can save you buying new lingerie
  • Bra extenders save on the cost of new bras
  • Cheap tip for organised, tangle-free tights
  • Comfy breastfeeding singlets for summer
  • Convert maternity bras into discreet summer tops
  • Freeze your bras
  • Go-Lo G-strings
  • Long lasting pantyhose
  • Make your own bra clips and stop the 'slip'
  • Make your own maternity belly bands
  • Making bras last longer
  • Nice nighties for next to nothing
  • On a roll with stocking savings
  • Pantyhose savings
  • Quick underwire bra repair supports lingerie saving
  • Reycyle 'good' legs of pantihose
...and 10 more!


  • Check store websites before buying that 'must have' in-store
  • Check US eBay for big brand savings
  • Ezibuy online shopping has wide range and quality
  • Online clothing bargains
  • Plus size clothing at the right price - made just for you!
  • Reduced retail items from America
  • Strip down underwear costs at Bendon sales
  • Trendy T-shirts

Op Shops

  • $50 for an entirely new wardrobe!
  • Bag yourself a handy bargain!
  • Beautiful suits at op shops
  • Buy clothes in certain colours
  • Cool clothes for little cost
  • Don't forget op shops when overseas
  • Dressing up for less
  • How to look a million dollars for just $10.50
  • How to reclaim wool from an op shop jumper
  • Inexpensive children's clothes
  • Keep your wardrobe in your handbag
  • Live like kings on an op shop budget
  • Look good for less
  • Op shop clearance sales
  • Op shopping cuts clothing costs by $400
  • Op shopping makes school formal affordable
  • Party like the good old days with op shop costumes
  • Pick up designer garments from US op shops
  • Portable wardrobe colour chart
  • Recycling op shop items is exciting!
...and 6 more!

Overseas Outlets

  • Frederick's of Hollywood
  • Pick up designer garments from US op shops
  • Shop online for work clothes from the US


  • $139 jean saving just great at Just Jeans
  • 'Posh' clothing stores not always beyond budget
  • Always wear navy and beat the budget blues
  • Analyse your clothing mishaps
  • Bargain hunt for your friends
  • Boutique discounts for discerning customers
  • Buy clothes basics out of season
  • Cheaper alternative to sunsmart clothing
  • Check store websites before buying that 'must have' in-store
  • Clothing bargains made to fit
  • Clothing challenge shrinks wardrobe, not savings!
  • Discounted brand-new clothes
  • DIY colour analysis
  • Don't store unwanted clothing
  • Empty your wardrobe, fill your wallet
  • Fashion designer tips to save you money
  • Fashion flair on a budget
  • Fill your wardrobe before you shop
  • Follow the $1 per wear rule
  • Get teens to 'upgrade' to the labels they want
...and 37 more!

Second Hand

  • $12 dye saves $100 on new clothes
  • 'Tip Shop' is top shop for clothing
  • Alterations for second hand clothes
  • Buy designer labels for great prices on eBay
  • Capture all your best looks in an 'Outfit Album'!
  • Clothes swap party is fashionably frugal teenage fun
  • Clothing bargains close to home
  • Don't forget op shops when overseas
  • Dye your old clothes back to new
  • Free clothing box at school for needy families
  • From men's jacket to smart women's coat!
  • Frugal friends look fab for Christmas!
  • Get ruthless - if you don't wear it then get rid of it!
  • Get shirty and make a new free nightie!
  • Have a clothes fest and update your wardrobe
  • How to look a million dollars for just $10.50
  • How to reclaim wool from an op shop jumper
  • Keep your wardrobe in your handbag
  • Look fabulous without spending a cent!
  • Look in your cupboard for winter pyjamas before you go shopping!
...and 16 more!

Sewing and Patching

  • 'Iron On Menders' saves on alteration fees
  • Adjusting gaping or baggy necklines
  • Become your own fashion designer
  • Buttons last longer with beeswax
  • Cheap wardrobe make-over
  • Clothing pattern savings all sewn up with Burda site
  • Convert an old skirt into a new top!
  • Cool clothes for little cost
  • Create a unique summer wardrobe
  • Creating home-made fashion is a ‘sheer’ delight!
  • Creative savings from free patterns
  • Creative sewing with sheets
  • DIY darning 'mushroom' does the job!
  • Double the wear from collared shirts
  • Dying for a new pair of jeans
  • Easy fix for broken trouser braces
  • Easy solution for zips that fall down
  • Easy solution to holey clothes
  • Extend length and life of pants
  • Extending the life of a ski jacket
...and 57 more!

Shoes and socks

  • Add instant bling to plain shoes
  • Alternate your working shoes
  • Are you dyeing to save $92 on shoes?
  • Big mess drove me bananas
  • Bootmaker's remedy for smelly shoes
  • Buy multiple pairs of socks
  • Check children's aisle for cheaper adult socks
  • Clean leather and polish shoes for less
  • Double the life of winter woolies
  • Double-sided tape for slingback shoes
  • Eat your heart out Imelda!
  • Elastic laces saves wear and tear on shoes
  • Eliminate smelly shoes and stretch tight shoes
  • Extend the life of sheepskin slippers
  • Flexible savings on my knee-high boots
  • Give old sneakers a new life with Sunlight soap
  • Give old Ugg boots a new lease of life
  • Keep boot shape with cardboard rolls
  • Keep boots in shape with empty drink bottles
  • Lifetime supply of glue for $1
...and 41 more!

Smaller sizes

  • Girls' clothes cheaper for women
  • Learn to alter your own clothes
  • Small sized specials at Sussans