• 1% savings rule makes debt reduction less daunting
  • A Simple Saver in a shared house shares their hint
  • An easy monthly budget
  • Being realistic helps stay within budget
  • CAP Money budgeting courses
  • Cash flow budget stops bill pay panic
  • Don't be an SS 'hog', involve your teens too!
  • Exterminate debt with DIY money tracking method
  • Free budgeting advice makes a huge difference
  • Glass jar budgeting system raises generations of savvy savers
  • Here's the plan for achieving your goals
  • Is your vice worth the price?
  • Money saving software
  • Our 3-account budgeting system
  • Our year of living off 90% saved us $11,000!
  • Pain of paying cash prevents overspending
  • Simple steps to get organised reap huge rewards
  • Social media has turned me into a super saver!
  • Student secrets to eating for $15 a week
  • The retro savings strategy - go back to the 1970s
...and 2 more!

Cheap Stores

  • Best bargains not always at $2 shops
  • Cheap shops for cheap souvenirs!
  • Check food prices in discount stores
  • Don't be a mug over supermarket 'savings'!
  • Kmart not always the cheapest
  • Op shops are tops
  • Order in-store for free at The Warehouse
  • Salvation Army treasure hunt for bargains
  • Sell before you buy
  • Shop without the guilt at your local opshop
  • Spotlight pre-sale bargains for VIP's
  • Take pot luck
  • Tasman/Nelson markets


  • Don't put off what you can save today
  • Radio station competitions


  • Blockbuster video vouchers
  • Discount coupons for seniors
  • Free discount vouchers for New Zealand outlets
  • Keep saving opportunities in a handy book
  • Keep your coupons in a handy envelope
  • Organise rewards with card holder
  • Organise your vouchers to make the most of them
  • Share the cost of voucher booklets
  • Storing your vouchers and coupons
  • Thrive on coupon savings!

Customer Loyalty Programmes

  • Loyalty card storer rings in points and discounts
  • Spotlight pre-sale bargains for VIP's


  • Quality time Tuesdays
  • Social clubs


  • $2 shops not always cheapest
  • $7 zoo tickets make fun family Christmas gift
  • 'No rush' Trade Me system saves me thousands
  • A little online research saves thousands on upskilling
  • Advertised specials
  • Ask and you might be surprised
  • Ask even if your discount voucher has expired
  • Ask for 'best' price not 'cash' price
  • Ask for 100% discount!
  • Ask for a better price, it's worth it!
  • Ask for best cash price
  • Ask for bigger discounts with ex-demo items
  • Ask for loyalty discounts
  • Ask store if they can match competitor's price
  • Asking for a discount the right way
  • Bag a bargain at Spotlight
  • Bargain, then bargain again!
  • Barter in Asian discount shops
  • Be anonymous when asking for discount
  • Be bold and ask for discount
...and 67 more!

Extra Cash

  • 'Iron Ladies' put money where it counts!
  • A not so essential item
  • Always ask if expired gift cards can be used
  • Bartering helps the budget
  • Become a homestay parent
  • Buy and sell on Facebook
  • Buying and selling on Facebook
  • Car cleaning all sewed up
  • Check online to see if IRD owe you money
  • Clothes recycling boutiques
  • Covering the costs of moving
  • Create extra money
  • Discount jar a great way to save
  • Ditch the TV
  • Don't throw money away on empty fridges and freezers
  • Earn money by refurbishing or fixing furniture
  • Earn rewards for opinions with reputable sites
  • Family baking day saves EVERYONE money!
  • Fill a treasure chest with gold!
  • Fruit trees are worth their weight in gold
...and 27 more!

Free Entitlements

  • Always ask if expired gift cards can be used
  • Bonus free eggs at Barrington Fresh Meats
  • Check for free delivery codes for extra savings
  • Claim your rewards (before it's too late!)
  • Discounts galore with Vouchermate
  • ebooks and software free on Amazon
  • Find it for free on Freecycle
  • Free online classifieds with Gumtree
  • Free samples lead to savings
  • Free transport for my dear old Dad
  • Freebies cost nothing the next day
  • Freecycle through social media
  • Get with the club!
  • Get your sparkle back with a free ear-piercing package
  • Go direct to the supplier when looking for spares
  • Keep an eye on reward balances
  • Keep track of freebies online
  • LETS exchange and save
  • Local radio station freebies
  • NZ organisation helps women succeed
...and 12 more!

Garage Sales

  • Bargains at your local swapmeets
  • Garage sales are great
  • New washer for $80
  • Route planner great for reaching multiple garage sales
  • Unnecessary kitchen appliances


  • $2 cooling mask keeps power bills down
  • $3 girls night out
  • $40 computer games cure online shopping addiction
  • $66 saved in one caffeine-free month
  • '5 tasks' gets the most out of every trip
  • 'Bench-top notes' keep families on the same page
  • 'Celebration Day Box' cuts costs all year round
  • 'Dry July' saves $10 a day
  • 'Earth Hour' once a week saves on power
  • 'Fish and chip philosophy' curbs spending
  • 'Getting real' with myself means no more food waste!
  • 'Glory box' stacks up $225 baby gear saving
  • 'Grandma's Day' saves $30 a week on groceries
  • 'Handy' ways to use odd rubber gloves
  • 'Just say no' motto works whatever the temptation
  • 'Less is more' for motivation
  • 'Needs' and 'wants' jar system stops impulse buys
  • 'No Car' week saves hundreds in petrol
  • 'No new purchases' pact encourages creative second-hand savings
  • 'No Screen' is a relaxing money saver
...and 621 more!


  • Ask lawyer to reduce fees
  • Ask local councillor for subdivision advice
  • Read the small print or risk losing your claim


  • Fishing for books needen't cost a cent


  • A little online research saves thousands on upskilling
  • DIY Coffin Club


  • An organised home is a happy home
  • Bargains galore on TradeMe
  • Excess stock savings through Froogle
  • Free TV programme listings online
  • Memory trigger bookmark keeps eBay at bay
  • Network with the locals with a dedicated Facebook page
  • Treat yourself to some amazing bargain internet deals
  • Turn your photos into stylish art with Pixelpaint


  • Call your local paper for perfect family pics!
  • Cheaper family portraits from wedding photographer
  • Edit your photos for free online
  • Email photos instead of giving away prints
  • Saving is childsplay with a group photoshoot!
  • Team up for cheaper family photographs
  • Turn your photos into stylish art with Pixelpaint


  • Adapting home helps elderly feel safer
  • Be prepared for your first year of retirement
  • Budget for retirement
  • Build your retirement bank with daily 'no spends'
  • Change your mindset, change your future
  • Create your own alert system for elderly parents
  • Diaries a must for retirement
  • Discount coupons for seniors
  • Downsize or downshift for retirement
  • Excellent tips to help keep seniors safe
  • Financial planners don't always know best!
  • Free transport for my dear old Dad
  • Free, fun ideas for retirement
  • Get ahead in retirement with one vehicle only
  • Get health insurance before you retire
  • Get your retirement mindset right
  • Great tips for keeping busy in retirement
  • Great tips to keep seniors safe at home
  • I'm no poverty-stricken pensioner - I'm a Money Magician!
  • Increase flexibility to help with fall risks
...and 25 more!


  • Many happy returns from my tax agent