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Service: 4, Quality: 3, Price: 5
Frozen Food Factory Shop 21 Noel Rodgers Place, Milton, North Island, New Zealand

The Frozen Food Factory Shop in Milson sells a range of frozen foods (vegies, berries, processed meat, pies and so on) as well as packaged processed foods (biscuits, packaged foods, dairy food and so on). Many products seem to be someone else's overstock (somewhat unusual flavours sometimes!) or past their best before dates but you can get some great deals.

To get there from Palmerston North, drive onto Railway Road past Bunnings, over the railway and around the bend. To the right you'll see the shop but you can't enter it from Railway Rd, you need to turn right onto Settlers Line then right again onto Noel Rodgers Place.

Check opening hours (especially on weekends) because they are not open all the normal times. Call on (06) 355 1045 for more information.



Go before going to the supermarket to see what good deals there are. A box of random flavour (you don't know what you will get beforehand) fruit pie seconds was a good deal if you don't mind some broken pies. You get random freebies (eg loaf of bread, can of food) if you spend above a certain amount of money.

Contributed by: Benjamin Franzmayr, 17 May 2010

Posted by:
Mummy2,l,r,a&s, 1 Jun 2010

I go there once a week to stock up on bread(99c a loaf - toast
only, max 5 loafs) and trim 2l milk 2.89 a bottle, seems to be the
cheapest bread and milk in Palmy. Often buy yogurt from there, from
99c if close to best by date (1L or 6 packs) up to a max of $2.50
for far off best by. If you take kids, they always get a lollipop