Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Avon thru Crusade Club Schnapper Rock, Northcote, North Island, New Zealand, crusadeclub@hotmail.com

This is an Avon lady that wants to be the biggest fundraiser for breast cancer research and against domestic violence. If you buy a pink ribbon pin or bracelet from her for a donation of $3.99 she will send you a list of Avon stuff you can buy for over 70% off cause she reduces her commission to really low. I bought heaps of deodorant at $1.79 each for 85ml (I usually get 50ml for $4.35 at Pak n Save) so this is a big saving for everyone in the family.

I like it because I'm not tempted by the whole brochure, I just know that the stuff on the list is really cheap. You have to pay for postage as she will send it anywhere but it is still worth it for the amount you save. I can buy lip balm for the kids' dry lips in winter for $1.19 compared to $7 in the shops. If you can't find what you're looking for, just ask and she will source the best deal for you. I now enjoy using face creams that normally would be out of my budget at Pak and Save prices. Also, my step-daughter likes to use Proactiv products but it's expensive and I hate that it has bleached some of my towels! This lady however has the same sort of set for less than half the price and we have found it works just as good - and doesn't bleach the towels and sheets!

Sometimes you may have to wait a while to get popular items and sometimes she does sell out but it's really worth a go for the savings.

You have to send an email with 'Fight breast cancer and domestic violence' as the subject heading to crusadeclub@hotmail.com and she will then send you a list of products. Ask her also to send you a catalogue and then you will know what she's talking about in her emails, such as colours for lipstick and sizes for bottles etc. Be careful that some things are sometimes small sizes like only 200ml so they have to be really cheap to be cheaper than the supermarket. But the make-up is always a bargain and if the colour isnt right she will happily exchange it.

Contributed by: Sam Fifield, 15 May 2010