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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Steve's Bulk Barn 101 Albert St, Palmerston, North Island, New Zealand

Steve often has kids' yoghurt and regular six packs of yoghurt on sale for $1.50 - $2.00, depending on how soon they expire. Other great bargains although not always available include:

500ml sour cream = $1.50

250ml spreadable cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese = $1.00

Gourmet 500ml tubs of yoghurt (Puhoi, Hollander) = from $2.00 depending on expiry

Puhoi Camembert and Brie = from $1.00 per 100g

750g thick sliced bacon = $6.00

Bacon pieces = $4.00 per kg

1.5kg sweet bread mix = $9.00

Baking soda = $0.39 per 100g

He also has a great range of organic and earth friendly cleaning products and ingredients to make your own. Plus other random bargains too!

buy the products, they're already great prices. Just be sure to check the use by/expiry date.

Contributed by: Emma Graham, 10 May 2010

Posted by:
Sue Chidgey, 2 Nov 2012

Now called Steve's wholefoods. I love this shop. They also sell in -expensive chicken breasts and cleaning products from a barrel , bring your own container. Their nuts and dried fruit is good value too.