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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Te Rangimarie Hospice Shop 112 Tukapa Street, New Plymouth, North Island, New Zealand

This is the best Hospice Shop in New Zealand! It's always busy, people queue at the glass doors from 8am to get to see what is put out. Once the doors open at 9am, there is a mad rush in!

This store has new stock continuously put on sale all throughout the day until 4pm when the shop closes. The next day's stock is delivered from the Hospice warehouse and the volunteers are at the shop by 7am the next day. There are between 80 to 100 plus volunteers every day, working in pick-ups, deliveries, sorting, boxing, recycling, electrical, fire wood, and furniture and more!

You get a good price every day. Prices start at $0.50c and there is a large area outside the front wall where you can fill a bag for $1.00!

Every day is a good day and the staff are cheerful and happy to stop for a chat. The shop is open 9am - 4pm Tuesday to Friday and 9am - 1pm on Saturday.

Contributed by: Chris Dalton, 23 Apr 2012