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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Koala Auto Services 125 Godley Road, Green Bay, North Island, New Zealand

Koala Auto Services is my local garage and real Hidden Gem. I have a 12-year-old car that I don't want to spend any more on than the bare minimum. But if something goes wrong, I take it down to Koala. Not only do the guys phone me once they know what the problem is, they give me a total breakdown of what it will cost, what my options are, and whether they can leave something this time round without compromising safety. They then ring me when the job is done. Recently I lost my keys at the railway station, but as they had a Koala tag on them, a stranger handed them in to Koala. Not only did the owner contact me after hours, but he drove me down to where I had had to leave my car so it wasn't out on the streets overnight. I don't think service gets much better than this!

I don't think I am at all special in terms of getting great service from Koala. I think they are just great people and it is a great garage and I would recommend them firmly as my 'Hidden Gem'.

Contributed by: Sheryl Gifford, 25 Mar 2012