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Service: 4, Quality: 5, Price: 4
Garden of York Arapaepae Rd, Levin, North Island, New Zealand

Garden of York is a spacious vege and fruit market garden store. I have never known produce to be anything but ultra fresh. The length of time it lasts in the fridge when you get it home is a testimony to this. Also the prices are very reasonable compared with other stores. (e.g. 3 x avocados for $2.00, broccoli 90c per head and grapes $3.99 per kg) They also have marked down produce for making jam or sauce.

The staff are very friendly and usually very busy too!

Although I have to travel a few kilometres to go there, the trip is worth it for lovely fresh produce at really good prices.

Contributed by: Anna H, 6 Dec 2011

Posted by:
Mel Taylor, 6 Jul 2015

Absolutely agree! Better quality, fresher, bigger, cheaper than alternatives around Levin.