Local Savings

Service: 4, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Steve's Bulk barn Albert Street, North Island, New Zealand

I read the April article about the cheapest milk in Palmerston North and know of a place even cheaper. Try Steve's Bulk Barn in Albert Street, opposite Woolworths and Subway. They sell two brands of milk (Fonterra and Meadowfresh) at $3.05 for two litres.

They also have heaps of products including cheese and other dairy products from well known and top quality brands at discounted prices. I was in there today and they had 250g sour cream for $1.39, twin packs of Griffins Chocolate Chippie biscuits for $2.50 and one litre of Yoghurt for $2.99 . They must have access to surplus stock, ends of runs, near use by date products - whatever they do the quality is great and so are the prices.

There is a huge selection of grocery items including organic products, Eco products, fruit and veges, and you can fill your own bottles with a wide range of household cleaners. You can also buy bulk flour and even rabbit pellets.

The service is great, Steve is a real character and they are open six days a week to around 6.00 pm. They even open very early on a Saturday to cater for shoppers at the Albert Street market.

Their prices and product range are just always great.

Contributed by: Geoff Wood, 11 Jun 2011