Local Savings

Service: 3, Quality: 3, Price: 5
Newtown sunday Markets St Anne’s Church Hall, Emmett Street, Newtown school, North Island, New Zealand

A friend recommended the Newtown Market which is on Sundays at Newtown School a few months back when it was just starting, and this honestly has been a life saver in the fruit and veg and eggs part of our shop. It is central to our weekend travels, is a longer market than most, has a large assortment of fruit and veg -even out of season treats on occasion, and has by far the best prices all in one place. (We had been struggling to keep our grocery bills down since the economy downturn and going down to one income with 2 small children, so have been frantically trying to keep food prices in check.)

We have made it a family thing to go on Sunday to look through all of the vendors with a list of what we need and to teach our 4.5 year old son getting the best value. We cruise the aisles looking at price (and sometimes quality, as there are some bargains, but some of the bits aren't the freshest) together and remember which ones had the best price on this or that and go back to pay for them. He loves the game and helping to pay for them himself by counting out the money.

I've managed to cut my costs about 3/4 by doing this and am enjoying the plethora of food it provides, plus it's a fun family event that sometimes even is topped off with a treat of hot chips when it's cold. Some of the super cheap stuff gets chopped and put in the freezer for later use or when it goes out of season. To top it off, there are free range eggs (which in the stores cost so much, but my guilt won't allow me to not spend the extra money on) at some excellent prices.

I hope that some of your readers won't have heard of it, and this will be a help to their budgets too!

Contributed by: L Barr, 16 May 2011