Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 4, Price: 4
Why Knot 79 Spring Road,, North Island, New Zealand

This is a great store ,with very friendly staff that always have a smile. Why Not is a clearance store with mostly food but also cleaning products and bits and bobs. Great for getting cheap snack for school lunches. I have noticed there are starting to stock bulk salad dressing and oil and frozen meats. The stock varies and sometimes you get even better deals than usuall. I would definitely recommend a visit.

The bargains are fantastic and some days you can get better deals as new stock arrives . I got 50 delmaine fresh lasagne sheets for $3.99. (The food is mostly 'best before' and some items have expired.) They have a range of products and are a lot cheaper than the supermarket.

Contributed by: Lara Brown, 11 May 2011

Posted by:
Susan Ritter, 1 Mar 2012

Hi Lara
I am new to Simple Savings
what town, city is this in
Many thanks

Posted by:
KathyP, 27 Jun 2012

There is one in East Tamaki on the main road between Te Rakau Drive and Otara. I'm not sure what its called at the Otara end but at the Te Rakau end its called Harris Road. It's on the Botany side of the road. I shop here a lot but have had to give it up as they have too much delicious chocolate.

Posted by:
KathyP, 22 Aug 2015

I've had to stop shopping here because it is too tempting but my husband goes once every two weeks to get the icecream which is ridiculously cheap.