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Service: 5, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Green Eden North Island, New Zealand, www.greeneden.co.nz

fruit, veges and grocery items at bargain prices. Milk cheaper than anywhere else. Delivery fee of $5 within the designated areas or free if you spend over $25. Next day delivery guaranteed + variety of payment methods. Money back guarantee within 24 hours of delivery. Awesome!

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Contributed by: bungle, 3 May 2011

Posted by:
Chocoholic, 3 Mar 2012

I have recently started ordering from them and think they are awesome too. I am spending at least $5 less per week and that is taking into account the $3 delivery fee. The quality is excellent and so is the service ;)

Posted by:
Sallyann Thompson, 28 Apr 2016

Where in the North Island area they????? Sounds really good.