Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 1
Owaka 4 Square Supermarket 4 Overden St, Owaka, South Island, New Zealand

This is a family-owned store with some outside staff and everyone is just so very helpful and friendly - they always greet you with a smile when you arrive and offer to carry your bag to the car when you leave. They'll order any thing they dont have for you without a fuss. They are ready to find a box and their own brown paper for your parcels and always have cellotape handy to seal your mail before you mail it there.

If you are unwell, or the weather is bad, one of the staff will bring your groceries to your home! The staff will spend time with tourists telling them where to go and what to see, and even help travellers find accommodation etc. Once the Store Manager took time from his work to come to my house and lift out a TV I'd had on the back seat of my car for a week, because I could not lift it out on my own. He then installed the TV, and said "Anytime you need a hand, give a shout."Another time the same Manager came and lifted an enormous pot of soup into the car for me to take to a Seniors meeting. How's that for the greatest service!?

You don't have to "charm" the staff, you always get the best deal whatever the day.

Prices are reasonable for a country store far from the city and warehouses, so of course, you expect to pay a little more, but you can walk to the store, (and get fit) and save petrol by not having to drive to the next biggest town about 30kms away. I don't think you save much by shopping in the bigger town - and you save the hassle of driving, and it's relaxing to go into the local and meet all your mates there!

Contributed by: Denise Leonard, 29 Apr 2011