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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Khun Pun Thai Northcote Food Hall, Kilham Ave, Auckland Nth, Northcote, North Island, New Zealand

FABULOUS Thai food at an even better price! We moved from the area and still travel all the way back for it - which isn't so silly because it costs less than any other Thai takeaways we know of elsewhere. They also have a dine in restaurant in the Albany mega centre with the same great food but as it's a sit down affair the prices are a little higher. (Still a great deal for a dine-in Thai restaurant though, as the mains there go for the price of other takeaway Thai places). Not only do they offer the best deal in price, theirs is by far the best, best, best Thai food we have found anywhere and they're lovely to deal with. Mains are about $8.50 with rice and if you are so inclined you can dine in at the food hall instead of taking it away. My husband and I often "ate out" together there on special occasions; it may not be fancy but it's delicious and I still didn't have to clean up afterwards! The only problem is that there are so many great dishes it's hard to choose - but once you have your favourites you aren't inclined to miss out on them by trying something else!

Just go to the food hall.

Contributed by: Lucy Tew, 3 May 2010

Posted by:
Nicole, 6 Apr 2011

I agree, we have been eating there for years. So cheap and really good food - 1 meal lasts for dinner and lunch the next day.

Posted by:
Waver, 26 Aug 2011

We have been to both and love them. Makes us feel like we are back to Thailand!