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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
A E Preston & Co Ltd (Meats) Hopper Street, Mount Cook, North Island, New Zealand

The service here is brilliant if you get the right guy!

We were totally impressed when we were served by Greg. We needed six chicken boneless chicken thighs and I also wanted a chicken carcass to make stock. When he heard I was making stock, he suggested we get thighs with bones in them and he would debone them for me there in the store so i would get extra bones for my stock.

He also informed me that they take the meat off the bones in a hurry, so the carcasses often are left with a lot of meat and skin on the bones. They only charge $3.50 a kilo so my one carcass only cost $1.60 (plus the free bones from the chicken thighs)

Since we were on our way into the vege markets - Greg then offered to hang our purchase in the store fridge with our receipt on it so we could collect it on the way home and protect the quality of the meat.

When we got home, we weighed the chicken thighs - and they came to just over a kilo - and he had charged us $11. That's pretty cheap compared to $21 kilo for boneless thighs at the supermarket!

He has basically guaranteed us as future customers!

Avoid being served by the younger sales boys. They are usually apprentice - like employees, are less skilled and knowledgeable. (we've witnessed them having to ask senior employees questions or to cut meat on several occasions - they are also less likely to give you any discount as they do not have the approval to do so)

Explain what you are planning to do with the meat. Ask for their advice, and ask questions. We found that the times we have actually conversed with the butchers they have been so much more wiling to help and give a good price.

They have never charged us extra for their time when deboning meat - we have always had them do this rather than buying the prepackaged packs. While they debone it, watch and ask for tips. They love showing their skill and enjoy helping you learn.

Avoid going when you're in a hurry. You will miss out on all the goodiness of being served personally and getting any benefits.

Contributed by: Kallie, 11 Jun 2010